Thursday, September 6, 2012

5 Internal Linking tips for effective SEO

5 Internal Linking tips for effective SEO

Inter-Linking & SEO Internal Linking and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) go hand in hand. You cannot think of optimizing your site without inter linking your pages. While getting external links to your site is not directly under your control, inter linking your pages is one aspect of on-page optimization that you can control and it goes a long way in boosting your ranking on SERPs.

5 tips that you should keep in mind while Inter-Linking pages:

1. Do not Focus only on your Home Page: Though your Home Page is a crucial aspect of your site, it is not the only important page. Your other pages count as much as your Home Page. Linking to your Home Page is crucial but do not forget the other pages.

 2. Choose your Anchor Texts wisely: Anchor Texts are the hyper linked texts which link pages Avoid using generic texts like “Click Here” to optimize your page. Also ensure that your anchor texts are short and precise.

3. Avoid too many Anchor Texts: Too much of anything is bad. Too many anchor texts distracts the visitor. Concentrate on certain well thought of keyword rich anchor text for your pages.

 4. Opt for Absolute Links rather than Relative Links: Absolute Links ensure that pages pull each other up in Search Engine Result Pages.

5. Proper Navigation: The closer the page is from the Home Page, the more importance search engines give to the page. Ensure that your most important pages are in close proximity to the Home Page.